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The Heel is one of the most common areas where a pressure ulcer may form.The Aderma® Heels were designed around a nurse and clinician led innovation. They are easy to apply and remove and can be held in place with the socks provided (standard heel only) or the retainer of choice.The heel is ideal for patients who may differ in weight, those with conditions resembling Lymphodema and those with common post surgery symptoms of swelling and fluid build up. To keep clean just wash in water at the same time as the patient's feet are attended to. products have been designed to be multi-use with the same patient and should last a minimum of three to four weeks.

Similar to Fatty Tissue
Redistributes pressure away from critical areas.

Three Way Elasticity
Changes shape with natural movement of the body.

Modified Surface Forces
Transfers frictional forces away from the skin.

Single patient multi-use.