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All Gel Heel Strap Pair


Helps prevent sore and ‘cracked heels', blisters spurs & bed sores
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Deodorant Footcare Cream


Ureka Deodorant Footcare Cream is formulated to give antiperspirant care to the feet for 24 hours
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Ditch That Itch


100% natural athletes foot treatment. • Paraben and SLS free. • Safe for children and diabetics
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Gehwol Extra


Prevents agenst sore feet, athlete's foot, foot odour, calluses, sores and blisters and makes dry and rough skin smooth.
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Gehwol Fluid


The treatment and care of ingrowing toenails,corns and calluses.
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Gehwol Foot Powder


Helps to prevent athlete's foot, odour and bacteria.
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Gehwol Green


For prevention of athlete's foot, itching and the formation of blisters between the toes.
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Gehwol Red


Gehwol Fusskraft Red is a rich emollient cream and a warming balm for dry skin, which gives relief for tired, strained, and sore feet. Revitalising camphor, extracts from paprika and ginger, as well as essential oils
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Antiperspirant spray
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